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StageLight Primary - StageLight Fundamental is simple simple to use lighting scene editor and sequencer designed so anybody that has operated a essential lights console can learn the way to use it in about 10 minutes. It's been created for schools, church buildings, traveling performers, retailers, residences (Xmas lights any one), and really compact theaters.

Inverter Circuits - circuits for driving fluorescent light-weight bulf from small voltage supply, most reverse engineered from professional products   

Decide on purely natural, breathable coverings that involve nominal usage of glues and solvents and which minimise Electrical power and water use in manufacture. Purely natural cork, linoleum, bamboo and reclaimed Wooden are likely to have reduce environmental impacts. Flooring fabricated from recycled rubber tyres is yet another option

Bass Defeat Extractor - an automated obtain Regulate circuit accompanied by a minimal move filter, converts the conquer into a sharp pulse well suited for triggering the strobe or chaser   

Although the circuit demonstrates the circuit driving white LEDs, the load is also a dc motor or an incandescent lamp. The idea in the circuit is usually a modified Schmitt-result in relaxation oscillator managed by MAX5160 electronic potentiometer.   

Parallel Port Central - info on working with Personal computer parallel port for I/O and Windows drivers for that, useful for your own circuit interfacing   

Unbiased dimming from two locations - kludge #3251 - Here's a scheme that can allow dimming with impartial control from two locations.

That permits one to transmit every single 0.one 2nd a body with none zero start-code and the remainder of the time frames with start-code equivalent to zero. All which was included right into a PIC16F84-10 or PIC16F84A-twenty in a means, that in-circuit reprogramming and firmware updating is possible. The LPR2DMX is unveiled as free software under the GNU Common General public License.

Low price Lover Regulate with Hysteresis - This software may be used to control many alternative products. In this example, a compressor latest is sensed, and when it reaches a specific set level, the circuit turns on a relay, which controls a lover motor. The circuit is created by using a bare minimum amount of sections, and contains hysteresis.

Xenon Strobe and Flash Basic safety Hints - Xenon strobes Typically have higher voltages that could be dangerous, even fatal. Remember to look at this document in its entirety ahead of constructing, troubleshooting, or restoring xenon flashes or strobes.   

How Black Lights Operate - The traditional black light-weight structure is simply a fluorescent lamp with a handful of significant modifications. A tube black mild is a mainly a fluorescent lamp with a special type of phosphor coating.

TRIAC Gentle Dimmer - This minimal circuit can be used to dim lights as much as about 350 watts. It takes advantage of an easy, normal TRIAC circuit that, in my expirience, generates sample B2B data list little or no heat. Please Observe this circuit can not be utilized with fluorescent lights.   

Rope Gentle - Rope gentle is flexible and is available in lengths that may be Minimize commonly at eighteen" intervals   

Light-weight dimmer circuits - schematic for 120V AC and 230V AC dimmer with description how light dimmer operates   

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